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Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank, Save 48%

By Digital Spy / Published on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 02:17 AM / No Comments

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Zendure A8

We have a great deal on the Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 48% off the regular price.

The Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank normally costs $126.95 and you can get it for $64.95 in our deals store.

The Zendure A8 is one of the fastest charging power banks on the planet, armed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology. Add in the massive 26,800mAh battery capacity and this behemoth can easily charge your phone 7-9 times without needing a reboot, and maintains up to 95% of its charge after six whole months without use. If you spend any significant amount of time away from an outlet (and you do) then this is the portable power bank to keep you connected at all times.

Here are some of the features:

  • Quick Charge 3.0 port outputs immense, 18W power when connected to a compatible QC3.0 device
  • ZEN+ technology automatically detects your device & fine tunes the output to best suit it
  • Charge-through function allows you to charge external battery while it’s charging other devices
  • Automatically shifts to standby when charging is complete to preserve power

You can find out more details about the Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank over at our deals store at the link below.

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