Video – How Fast Can Humans Run? – A Week in Science

This week: Ben ponders the maximum speed that humans can run. Is Usain Bolt really the limit? Like RiAus on Facebook: And follow RiAus on Twitter: For more information visit Video shared […]

Video – Usain Bolt hit by camera man – Universal Sports 2015, Beijing, China, the 15th Track and Field World Championships, Photographer on segway, smacks Usain Bolt (JAM) from behind, knocking him to the ground. Bolt appears to all right and enjoyed the replay. (Call […]

Video – Athleo: Multi-Camera View

Athleo: challenge accepted Athleo is a network that airs competition in the sport of Athletics, as well as track and field news and interviews, documentaries, and sports reality programming. Athleo is a mock cable network […]