We at FUBAR would like to see the feud between @dakotameyer0317 and @danbilzeria…

We at FUBAR would like to see the feud between @dakotameyer0317 and @danbilzerian escalate to the proper level…a freestyle rap battle. #doitforcharity DM: King of instagram…coward, you wack it to yo own moms webcam DB: […]

Video – WTV Episode Two – Michealmas 2013

Featuring the House Dance Competition, Graffiti Workshop, Remembrance Service, action-packed sports highlights and a cracking Fireworks Spectacular! CREW Bea Austin Oliver Dawnay Lewis Symonds James Steel Beanie Madge Annie Rodick Luke Head Sasha Mann Mac […]

Video – President Obama Signs National Defense Authorization Act

The President is joined by Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and others as he signs a bill that will both provide for the country’s security and defense as well as eliminate […]

Video – WWII- Special Effects Semester Project

I made this video for my final project in Chase Mitchell’s special effects and compositing class at Utah Valley University . It was shot on 0 budget. We had 2 authentic M1 Garands and one […]