Video – People Watch Jenna Marbles For The First Time

“I’m surprised at how hard she’s being on herself.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Girls Night Out Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Footage provided by VideoBlocks Made by BFMP […]

Video – 【中字】Jenna Marbles – 自婊饒舌大賽

■ 請記得打開CC字幕 ■ 歡迎訂閱頻道 隨時會有新的中字影片 🔗 ■ 授權:Roast Yourself Challenge by Jenna Marbles, under a Creative Commons Attribution license. 註1 “We got beef” – 與人之間因為某事而有淵源或仇恨;例如:Taylor Swift has got beef with Katy Perry! 註2 “Roast“ […]

Video – Jenna Marbles Put On 100 COATS OF MAKEUP?? | What’s Trending Now

YouTuber Jenna Marbles took the 100-coats-of-makeup trend to the next level by covering herself in goop for seven hours. Subscribe for more videos! Jenna’s video: Polish mountain video: 100 Layers of Foundation: […]

Video – Ear Blood – Jenna Marbles TRAP REMIX

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Video – Jenna Marbles and Flula Borg Present Entertainer of the Year – Streamy Awards 2016 Jenna Marbles and Flula Borg present the award for Entertainer of the Year at the 6th Annual Streamy Awards. The nominees for Entertainer of the Year are Baby Ariel, Cameron Dallas, Casey Neistat, The […]

Video – Jenna Marbles SHAVED OFF HER EYEBROWS!? | What’s Trending Now

YouTuber Jenna Marbles just shaved off her eyebrows on her channel, and we’re completely loving it. Subscribe for more videos! VIDEO: Jenna’s 100 Layers video: Follow us on Twitter! Tweets by WhatsTrending Like us […]

Video – Jenna Marbles’ YouTube Crush ATM Is Simply Nailogical – Streamy Awards 2016 Red Carpet A quick stop-and-chat with YouTube OG Jenna Marbles on the Streamys Red Carpet. Thumbnail Photo: Frazer Harrison for Getty Images The Streamy Awards honor the best in online video and the creators behind it. […]

Video – What You May Not Know About Jenna Marbles

If you’re new, Subscribe! → YouTube superstar Jenna Marbles has over 16 million YouTube subscribers, making her one of the most popular personalities on the internet. But while Jenna seems to share every detail […]

Video – YOUTUBERS LOSING SUBSCRIBERS! (PewDiePie, Nigahiga, IISuperwomanII, Smosh, Jenna Marbles etc.)

“YOUTUBERS LOSING SUBSCRIBERS! (PewDiePie, Nigahiga, IISuperwomanII, Smosh, Jenna Marbles etc.)” Every year Youtubers lose subscribers which are supposed to be dead accounts. Lately it’s been unsubbing accounts, taking them away and then some later on. […]