Video – The Truth behind NigaHiga | EXPOSED!

RYAN HIGA EXPOSED! … jk. Happy 4th of July Previous Video: LEAVE A LIKE, SHARE AND JOIN THE FAMILY BY SUBSCRIBING!!! LET’S MAKE IT TO 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Social Media: Twitter: @will_akinlade Snapchat: will_akinlade Want […]

Video – BLOOPERS: Why I Could Never Be On Game of Thrones

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! IT’S FREE: TOMORROW’S VID: IF JON SNOW WAS A RAPPER Welcome to Game of Thrones Week where I will be uploading six videos all Game of […]

Video – If Cersei Lannister Made a Rap Diss Track | Game of Thrones

If Game of Thrones was a rap album, this is what Cersei’s rap diss track would sound like! WATCH KHALEESI’S DISS TRACK: WHY I CAN NEVER BE ON GOT: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! IT’S […]

Video – If White Walkers Made a Rap Diss Track | Game of Thrones

I completely transform into a White Walker from Game of Thrones and drop the most fire rap diss track of all time! Winter is here SUCKAS! WATCH THE TRANSFORMATION: WATCH JON SNOW’S DISS TRACK: […]

Video – If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls

I walked around town in my intense Game of Thrones White Walker costume and acted like a teenage girl 😂 MUST SEE! WATCH THE TRANSFORMATION: WATCH WHITE WALKER’S DISS TRACK: WATCH JON SNOW’S […]

Video – LIFE SUCKS! But at least I’ve got elbows. Web Series trailer!

Life Sucks! But at least I’ve got elbows… another web series to clog up the internet! Follow it on YouTube: And on Facebook: Video shared from Vimeo

Video – BLOOPERS: Real Things White People Have Said to Me

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Video – Targeted Ads | Horror Movie Trailer

TARGETED ADS | HORROR MOVIE TRAILER Subscribe: | Follow my FB: Watch more SKITS: Get HOW TO BE A BAWSE: Follow IISuperwomanII: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SuperwomanVlog Channel: […]