Video – Tomorrow’s Love – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Created by Vancouver Film School students through the VFS Film Production program: Writer/Director: Arun Fryer Producer: Shea Hasell Director of Photography: Patricio Pacheco Art Director: Ghazele Soltani Editor: Jackson Harper Assistant Director: Adele Blandin Camera […]

Video – Why the “Last Tango in Paris” rape scene is generating such an outcry now? – The Sean Weathers Podcast

This week the discuss “The Last Tango in Paris” butter scene, the eveolution of female black sex symbols in the 90s, the Lebron James and Charles Barley Beef and tennis. Video shared from Vimeo

Video – What makes a Brock Lesnar match so interesting?

Link to my novel ‘Strange Nights’ – Apart from Goldberg, Brock Lesnar is perhaps the most watchable performer of all time to ever step inside a wrestling ring. His entrance, his speed, his strength, […]

Video – Hayden Black and Joel Bryant Guests On Spidcast December 2011 – We are back with one of our best Spidcast (full transcript at episodes to date this month (listen in below and subscribe on iTunes) with a focus on web series, acting, getting […]

Video – Ben Affleck out as Batman – The Sean Weathers Podcast

We discuss Ben Affleck’s possible departure from the role of Batman, the Death of George “The Animal ” Steele, Brock Lesnar’s retirement from UFC, Holly Holm’s controversial loss, Charles Oakley vs. James Dolan and Kate […]

Video – The Underwater Realm – Part I – Present Day (HD)

The journey continues in Part II. Click here to watch the next in the series – Explore The Underwater Realm further at Watch the films as they were intended – big, loud and […]

Dwyane Johnson dan Jason Statham akan Kembali Bermain Bersama dalam Spin-off dar…

Dwyane Johnson dan Jason Statham akan Kembali Bermain Bersama dalam Spin-off dari Fast and Furious Dikutip dari Deadline, Universal Pictures dikabarkan sedang mengembangkan sebuah ide untuk membuat sebuah film spin-off dari film Fast and Furious […]