Video – Criss-Cross Pigtails | Toddler Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Criss-Cross Applesauce! I mean Criss-Cross Pigtails! LOL If you’re a busy Millennial Mom like me you are always looking for easy, tight hairstyles that will work on your toddlers! This hairstyle is perfect for the […]

Video – Side Elastic Braid | DIY Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Whether you’re looking for a homecoming hairstyle or an everyday look, this side elastic braid is one of my absolute favorite hairstyles! This DIY hairstyle may look complicated, but in reality it is super simple […]

Video – DIY Hobo Bag inspired by AndreasChoice

I got this idea from…. ———————————————— Rate*Comment*Subscribe ———————————————– Leave suggestions!!!!! ———————————————- SUBSCRIBE PLEASE ——————————————— tank: Video shared from YouTube

Video – Holiday Twisted Updo | Holiday Hairstyle | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Halloween is over and the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas holiday are just around the corner. With the holidays come parties! Which means you need to look amazing in your holiday hairstyle and holiday clothes! Today […]

Video – D.I.Y ♡ DECOR SHELVES!!! – AndreasChoice

I’M ON INSTAGRAM!! Eep! I hope you like decor vids. Lol..easy wicker basket shelves.. rate & comment if you do =) Links: My Blog: ‪‪‬‬ TWITTER! ‪‪‬‬ Official Facebook Page: ‪‪‬‬ TUMBLR: ‪‪‬‬ Twitpic […]

Video – Side Swept Fishtail Updo | Holiday Hairstyle | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Are you as excited about the upcoming holiday season as I am? The holidays mean delicious holiday food, lots of relaxation, and tons of family/friend holiday parties. Of course during the holiday parties you want […]

Video – D.I.Y EFFECTIVE Acne Treatment – AndreasChoice

I’M ON INSTAGRAM!! Tweet me! ‪‪‬‬ STORY: one girl soaked her new nose piercing with sea salt and water to help it heal faster and she noticed after a while that the blackheads from […]

Video – DIY Your Life with Stilababe09 – Girls Night In

Meredith (Stilababe09) gives you the tips to become the BEST party planner EVER complete with nail art station, popcorn, and the perfect look! #DIYyourLife New episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY at 1pm!!! DIY Your Life:  To […]

Video – Macbarbie07 & Jasmine V Razor Travel Case DIY Challenge #5 – Show off your DIY Skills and enter NOW! – Click to Subscribe! – Visit our site! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Do you love DIY? Well, Gillette […]