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Sometimes, the internet gives the world a gift that no one knew they needed, like “Damn, Daniel” or Salt Bae. The most recent treasure, however, comes from Tadhg Fleming, a 27-year-old who lives in Kerry, Ireland. On Sept. 5, Fleming uploaded a video to Facebook of what happened after a bat flew into his family’s kitchen. The video has it all: a bat flying around evading capture; Fleming’s dad, Derry, failing to get the bat; Maureen, Fleming’s mom, watching the whole thing unfold through a door; and their new puppy, Basil, peeing on the kitchen floor. The video went viral, both on Facebook and Twitter, and the Fleming family’s fame led them to an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where they discussed the incident and even threw in a special dance for Jimmy Kimmel.

In case you haven’t seen the video, which has more than 2.2 million views, 19,000 comments, 30,000 shares, and 27,000 reactions, please watch it below. Turn on the sound, grab some tissues, and prepare to cry from laughing so damn hard.

The video, as you can see, deserves an award and one very special place in the internet hall of fame. And in case you were wondering, Fleming told the BBC that the bat flew into the home when his mother opened the back door. Thanks to Maureen and that bat, the world now has “Catch him Derry” and BatDad to thank for a whole new meme. The video was also posted to Twitter on Sept. 5 by Jonathan Hopkins with the tweet: “The world is going to hell. You owe it to yourself to watch this video of Irish people attempting to get a bat out of the kitchen.”

The Fleming family revealed to Kimmel that this wasn’t the first time they’ve had a wild animal come into their home. A robin snuck into their sitting room last year, which Fleming astutely pointed out “was only natural . . . Batman and Robin.” Watch the full interview above, and stay tuned until the very end for an incredibly random surprise from Derry.

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