Video – Terry Serepisos Birthday Cocktail Party

Terry Serepisos celebrated his birthday in opulent style by hosting a cocktail party at his Roseneath house. The last party that Terry organized was for David Beckham so matching that was always going to be intricate. He decided on a fancy dress theme and the invitations were sent to a group of his close friends and colleagues.

The guests all started to arrive from 8.00pm and were greeted with cocktails and canapés from Capitol Catering.

DJ Shan mixed some cool tunes to set the atmosphere while the colourful, vibrant and sensual costumes kept everyone scrupulously entertained. The Wellington Phoenix new Brazilian player Diego Walsh stole the show dressed as Borat especially on the dance floor. The rest of the Phoenix team was also dressed to the max and it was the last night before they go into hyper drive training mode.

The first entertainment of the evening was a performance by up and coming Opera Diva Bree Barsanti, who sung a number from the Marriage of Figaro, and then Summertime and everyone joined in to sing Terry a Happy Birthday. Other entertainment included a Burlesque Dancer and a Tango demonstration and had everyone trying to duplicate.

The rest of the night the dance floor was reminiscent of the old days of Disco. AV Services custom install provided the latest site and sound hardware providing DJ Shan with what he needed for his spectacular mixing of House, Club-Classics and Retro.

Video shared from Vimeo

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