Video – QA215 – January 2016 Bible Q&A

Date: 01-10-2016

Pastor Bryan answers Bible questions about these topics:
– Where baptism came from
– Near-death/heavenly experiences
– How can we know what is literal in the book of Revelation?
– Great multiplication of Israel in Egypt
– Could Old Testament gentiles become Jews?
– How long did Daniel and his friends abstain from eating meat?
– Can a person without the assurance of salvation partake of communion?
– Complementarianism vs Egalitarianism
– Will there be children in the new Jerusalem?
– How did Cain and Able find wives?
– Who is really responsible for murdering Jesus?
– Judgments in the book of Revelation
– The book “Jesus Calling”
– Did Jesus experience the same temptations we do?
– Did Jesus have a sin nature?

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