Video – Peabody Previs Reel

Here is a compilation of Previs done for Dreamworks Animation’s “Mr. Peabody And Sherman.” The following men and women comprised the team from DWA that worked on the film:

Director of Previsualization
Kent Seki

Production Supervisor
Stephanie Quan

Craig Rogers

Previs Artists
Theo Bondoux
David Bianchi
Jonathan Braunreuther
Darrin Butts
Brendan Carroll
Robert Crawford
Todd Heapy
Ewan Johnson
Mike Leonard
Hamilton Lewis
Nol Meyer
Scott McGinley
Dan Pilgrim
Keith Reicher
Jason Wesche

Previs Asset Artist
Michael Berger

Previs TA
Nick Von Tagen

Previs Rigging TD
Jason Osipa

Carl Taylor

Video shared from Vimeo