Video – Offspring EP 1.11 Directed by Shirley Barret

Sunday, November 14, 2010
Ratings: 0. 908 million viewers
Written by Michael Lucas
Directed by Shirley Barrett

Almost as shocking as the act itself, Nina will shatter her sister’s new-found loved-up happiness with Mick when she finally brings herself to tell Billie what she did — but not before Mick tells Nina he is going to tell Billie himself and Nina can’t stop him. Nina has an ‘awkward is an understatement’ meeting with Chris’ wife Alice, where, unable to stop imagining the fallout from Mick’s confession, she cuts her meeting short then inadvertently runs over Alice’s foot in her haste to drive off and confront Billie. She rushes Alice to the emergency room, there are more awkward moments with Chris and confusion as to why Nina was with Alice in the first place. Nina blurts out to Alice that she slept with her sister’s ex. Mick calls — he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Nina must finally go home and face the music with Billie — she must be the one to break the news.

Guest Starring: Jane Harber as Zara Perkich, Alicia Gardiner as Kim Akerholt, Cruz Brissonnette as Baby Ray, Marta Kaczmarek as Sonja, Kate Box as Alice Havel, Paul Denny as Sam, Matilda Brown as Chloe Fraser, Fiona Macys as Alexandra, Amanda Sheehy as Nervous Mother, Max Sheehy as Newborn, June Leijon as Triage Nurse, Xavier O’Shannessy as Waiter, Nisha Rivett as Kim’s Body Double, Bonnie Spencer as Change Room Baby, Jack as Rocket

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