Video – Detroit Distilleries Teaser

Detroit Distilleries is a short-film documentary project exploring the rise of craft distilleries in and around Detroit, Michigan. The project started in Zurich, when we were shopping for whiskey with Elizabeth Henry ( We found a bottle of Koval Rye (produced in Chicago, Illinois), and we decided to initiate a film project focused on distilleries in the MidWest of the United States. The project explores the culture of small batch craft distilleries with a focus in Detroit Michigan, where Mark originally comes from.
The project is realized as a collection of interviews done on-site at different distilleries in Detroit and Ferndale in Michigan. The first series was produced during January 2015, and includes Valentine’s Distillery, Our/Detroit Vodka, and Detroit City Distillery. Themes in the project include the resurgence of production in Detroit, the connection between Detroit and Michigan agriculture and additionally the connection of local businesses to the communities in which they originate.

Video shared from Vimeo