The NBA’s back and Kevin Durant’s chasing a championship ring with the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors. Sorry LeBron.

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Writer: Eric Moneypenny (
Vocals: Justin Fabillar, Jonathan Hausfater
Producer: Aaron Augenblick
Storyboards, Layout, Animation: Joseph Altadonna
Animation Assistance: Yvonne Hsuan Ho, Keith Stack
Compositing and Effects: Yvonne Hsuan Ho
Interns: Irving George, Branko Kljajic


All I do is chase, chase, chase my first ring.
Stab Westbrook in the back, play with Steph and Draymond Green.
And every time I put on a jersey.Everybody wanna throw up.
Cause I chase rings. Cause I chase rings. Cause I chase rings.
Throw up, throw up, throw
All I do is chase, chase,
up. rings-
Cause if you can’t beat them, put your hands in the air, then ya join them.

Curry comin in on the verse cause I won 73 and I wanna win now.
Our teams were up 3-1 and then we all choked and we all melted down.
Warriors already good.
Then we got Durant.
Blame it on the Union.
Or the Salary Cap
We a Super team.
And we shoot Super threes.
Scorin’ a million points.
LeBron be on his knees.
We gonna get our rings, and you won’t get yours.
Not the Cleveland Cavs,
or San Antonio Spurs.
Win rings every year, World Champion.
Draymond’s a maniac,
kick you in the sac.
Now we got Durant,
Now where our rings at?
Cause all he do,all he, all he, all heall he do

All I do is chase, chase, chase my first ring.
Leave OKC, so they burn my jersey.
And every game I play in Golden State,
My scoring average will drop.
By 5 or 10 points.
Cause I chase rings.Cause I chase rings.
Big 4. Big 4. Big 4.
Cause all I do is chase, chase, rings,
Nobody else in the league has a chance, Unless we all get hurt.

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