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In case you haven’t been on social media or watched the news lately, the Trump administration officially decided to rescind the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protected thousands of undocumented immigrants who came to the States as children. Congress now has six months to legalize it or find some sort of legislative solution. In the wake of the polarizing announcement on Sept. 5, which ignited widespread public protests, Trump attempted to reassure those who may be affected by the decision — with an emphasis on the word “attempted.” Spoiler alert: it didn’t go over too well.

Two days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement on behalf of the White House, the POTUS chimed in on social media by firing off the following tweet.

OK, to be fair, we do ever so slightly understand Trump’s point here. There is a chance that Congress could protect Dreamers within the six-month span by passing one of four immigration bills that has been put forth as a potential solution. However, we don’t exactly have the utmost confidence in Congress’s track record lately, so it’s unclear whether any of these will actually end up getting passed. Not to mention the fact that by putting the decision solely in Congress’s (dysfunctional) hands, Trump is shifting the blame away from himself. Talk about one heck of a scapegoat.

The internet — both DACA beneficiaries and not — was collectively (and rightfully) appalled at how tone-deaf Trump’s aforementioned tweet was. Twitter erupted with an angry wave of clapbacks, and the tweet garnered way more interaction than usual (about 23,000 replies and counting vs. his usual average of about 5,000 replies). Below is just a sampling of the on-point reactions to Trump’s faux reassurance for DACA recipients, who apparently have “nothing to worry about” in the next six months.

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