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After hearing hundreds of stories from moms, dads, girls, friends, and doctors, Lola created its First Period Kit. For $34, the kit comes with a variety of organic pads, liners, and tampons, including an instructional card for each product type. To make storage easy, girls also get a stylish canvas pouch and a keepsake box for at-home storage, and Lola throws in a sheet of stickers for period tracking. The design is approachable yet mature. For a girl entering this new stage of life, it might feel like a welcome package from an invitation-only club.

“Getting your first period is a huge life moment, but it shouldn’t be scary or unexpected,” said Kier. Unfortunately, many girls are not ready. Ahead of the starter kit launch, Lola did a brand study that found 64 percent of women did not feel prepared for their first period. And 77 percent of women who use tampons recalled feeling nervous, embarrassed, or intimidated the first time they used one. “We’re helping girls feel more prepared for their first periods, whether that comes from knowing she has products in her locker at school or straightforward and easy-to-understand information readily available.”

Lola’s thorough 30-page introduction to periods guide is also available online (you must enter your email to view). It has real-talk advice in its extensive FAQ section, like this:

  • Q: What if I get my period at school/away from home and I forgot my period products?
  • A: Best case scenario, you find a bathroom with period products or a prepared friend to save the day. Worst case scenario, roll up toilet paper in a wad and place it in your underwear until you can find a pad or tampon. Remember, at school, you can always ask a nurse or teacher (even a male teacher) for period supplies.

The toilet-paper struggle probably sounds familiar, even if you’re not in middle school. The Lola team members said they combined what they know now and what they wish they’d known then to make the first period experience better. The goal is to encourage young girls to have open and honest discussions from an early age so they realize it’s OK to speak up more about these topics. “Looking back, we wish we’d been more ready for our first periods,” Friedman admitted.

Because of these female entrepreneurs, you can now express your sense of style with your tampons. You don’t need to make emergency drugstore tampon runs thanks to subscription delivery services. You can avoid day-ruining bleed-throughs with absorbent underwear. And you can also help improve the menstruation experience for girls in the US and abroad. That just might be enough to make you look forward to your period.

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