Red Sox Photographer’s Balls Smashed by Ceremonial 1st Pitch – TMZ

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Red Sox Photographer

Balls Beaned

… on Ceremonial 1st Pitch

8/17/2017 7:37 AM PDT

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A Boston Red Sox photographer took a baseball square in the balls on the ceremonial first pitch Tuesday night … and it looked BAD.

It was just another night at Fenway with the Sox taking on the Cards … until the PA announcer told the kid throwing the first pitch to “fire it in there!”

Young Jordan must have took “it” to mean a random guy’s balls … and the unlucky photog wide right of home plate paid the price — taking it right in his manhood before limping away. 

The dude who took the beanball seems alright, though … using his own photo to joke about the nut-shot after the game:

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