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Rapper Drag-On

Medical Emergency

Sometimes Weed and Concerts Don’t Mix

8/13/2017 12:40 AM PDT


Drag-On — one of the original members of the Ruff Ryders label — had a rough time at an outdoor concert … ending up in the ER.

The rapper was performing in Atlantic City late last week, went into the crowd — which is where the video starts — and complained he was short of breath because he had been smokin’ weed. He composed himself and attempted to rap … but it was a struggle.

Drag-On tried making it back on the stage but fell to the ground … medics had to come to his aid and he left in an emergency vehicle and went to the ER.

We reached out to Drag-On, who tells us he was just dehydrated after a long night working in the studio and got light-headed during the show. He says doctors gave him fluids … now he’s fine.

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