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In honor of World Emoji Day (which, in my opinion, should be declared a federal holiday and include a national festival), Apple is sharing a short preview of the new emoji coming to Apple products later this year. And better yet, two of the emoji represent a positive step forward for women’s representation.

Those notable additions include a woman breastfeeding and a woman with a headscarf. The breastfeeding emoji was originally proposed by Rachel Lee, a nurse who felt that the emoji was needed alongside the baby-bottle emoji that already exists. The woman-with-headscarf emoji is an answer to 15-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi’s call for more inclusivity. The teen wanted an emoji that looked like her . . . and the rest of the Muslim women around the world who also wear a hijab or headscarf. The 56 new emoji, which were officially released by the Unicode Consortium on June 20, also feature a bearded person, zombie, T-rex, elf, and face vomiting.

Apple’s preview of the new emoji coming to iOS 11 doesn’t include all 56. But for now, the small released batch will do. Check them out ahead and start counting down the weeks till they’re out.

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