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Since the holidays are here, it’s important to remember that open communication with your roommates is more important than usual. 

You don’t want sloppy handwriting to make them think you’ve been kidnapped.

Sure, you may think this isn’t a believable scenario, but then you’ve never seen how James (Twitter user @Jah_mes_) writes the word “pie.” 

Here’s what happened: James bought his mom her favorite pie to take home for Thanksgiving, so everyone could have a calm, lovely dinner together. So he wouldn’t forget the dessert sitting in the fridge, he put Post-it notes all over his apartment with “Pie!” written on them. 

Unfortunately, that’s not what his roommates thought the notes said.

If you’re thinking to yourself, as I did, how in the world his roommates could confuse the two words, take a look at how this man writes “pie.”

Um. That says, “Die!”

We’re completely siding with his roommates on this one, and we entirely understand the flurry of messages they sent after finding the notes. 

James seems to have blamed the delicious pie for his caring roommates’ panic. 

Still, it’s a pretty funny outcome for a very thoughtful act for mom.  

And if you’re as curious as we are about what kind of pie would be at the heart of such drama, James told Mashable that it was blueberry crumb pie. 

We’re sure he didn’t forget to bring home the pie after all of this. a070 74f2%2fthumb%2f00001

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