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Four presidents during disasters from pics

Only hours after Pete Souza took to Instagram to post a scathing critique of President Donald Trump’s visit to Texas, one crafty Reddit denizen decided to take the concept to the next level — and it’s one of the most incredibly revealing images to emerge in the seven months since Trump took office.

On Aug. 30, Ozyman_Diaz posted a mini-collage of the four most recent presidents interacting with citizens in the aftermath of massive natural disasters. Clockwise from top bottom left to bottom right:

    September 2, 2005: President George W. Bush comforts two sisters in Biloxi, Mississippi who lost everything after Hurricane Katrina
    Sept. 3, 1992: Bill Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate, visited with displaced children at an aid station Florida City, Florida after Hurricane Andrew.
    October 31, 2012: Barack Obama, a week before he was elected to his second term in office, consoled a woman at the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy.
    August 29, 2017: Donald Trump waves to the crowd at Annaville Fire House in Corpus Christi, Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

Four administrations, four devastating hurricanes. Only one president neglected to show compassion in a situation that warranted nothing but.

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