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April the Giraffe

Live Stream …

By the Numbers

4/21/2017 12:50 AM PDT


April the Giraffe‘s live viewing party is hours away from coming to an end, but when the lights go out, the final numbers for the 2 month long Internet sensation will be staggering.

The Animal Adventure Park in NY is cutting the live stream Friday at 4:30 PM ET … and it’s already had nearly 273 MILLION viewers since it started on February 10.

Total minutes spent watching — and mostly waiting for April to give birth — is 8 BILLION minutes worldwide. We’re told 1.2 million people were watching when she finally did squeeze out her calf last weekend.

Make no mistake … April made history, because YouTube tells us her channel is the second most live-viewed ever. Only League of Legends eSports channel has more, and you don’t get the miracle of life watching that!

The big winner here is obviously Toys ‘R’ Us — which came on as a sponsor, pre-birth.

Peace out, April. Thanks for mammaries memories!

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