Video – Perspectives Career Seminar, Careers in Criminology

Interested in a career in Criminology? Hear from successful Faculty of Arts alumni about their experiences working in the field of criminology. This event was chaired by Dr Julie Evans, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at The University of Melbourne, featuring speakers Dr Emma Ryan and Geoff Fisher.

Dr Emma Ryan completed a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne in 1995, and later went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma (Criminology) and a Master of Arts (by thesis). She then taught criminology at the University from 2001-2006 and recently completed her doctorate at Monash University, examining the use of conducted energy weapons by police in Australia. She taught criminology subjects, specialising in policing, in several Victorian universities before taking up a position in Corruption Prevention and Education at the Office of Police Integrity. Emma currently works as an Education Officer (Police) at Victoria’s new Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

Geoff completed a Bachelor of Arts with honours in psychology at the University of Melbourne in 1997. He then worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) from 2000 – 2006. While at the ABS, he worked in the National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics, producing publications such as Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia. In 2005, Geoff completed a Master in Criminology which included a thesis on offending specialisation using ABS data. He then moved to the Sentencing Advisory Council in 2007 and has worked there as a data analyst on a number of research and policy publications, such as Current Sentencing Practices – Aggravated Burglary and the Baseline Sentencing Report. A major focus of Geoff’s current work is recidivism using a reoffending database which he created using court data.

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