Video – Mila Kunis Describes Something Ashton Kutcher Fans May Want to Know

Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis were stuck on The Late Late Show Monday with James Corden playing “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” a game in which they chose to either answer an uncomfortable question or eat an unusual food of another player’s choosing. Menu items included ghost pepper hot sauce, cow tongue, sardines, pickle juice, grasshoppers, and calf’s brain.
Kunis unfortunately went first getting the question: “Ashton Kutcher: carrot stick or beer can?”
Kunis burst out laughing debating if she should publicly comment on her husband’s penis.
She then did not know what to answer because when she though of beer cans she thought fat and stubby and carrots as long and thing. She wanted a combination of the both.
Corden clarified the answer saying: “Like a can of Monster.”


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