Video – EX1 View Of Sydney

I was lucky enough to get up in a chopper , although I am not at liberty to post the Aerial shots as they are for a client , but I have managed to include a nice tracking shot from the chopper , and a look at some of Sydney’s World famous Icons , and a few other shots also….I would have shot more …. but the heavens opened up and rained on my parade….hope to get back soon to shot more….Thanks to my mates Matt and Todd , Matt was on the chopper with me and Tod shot lifestyle with me…sniper mission!!!!…..Thanks to all that view my work and that of my fellow Propvid shooters ( Brett and Geoff )…and thanks for the comments….I will reply to each and every one…..Keep Rollin!!!
P.S….I thought it fitting to have some Aboriginal didgeridoo as the soundtrack.

Video shared from Vimeo