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Interviewee somehow completely botches spelling her own name

By Digital Spy / Published on Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017 08:16 AM / No Comments

Shared from Mashable

After being interviewed on the street, the person is always asked to spell their first and last name to the camera for record. Simple enough, right? 

Well, when Michael Scanlan of 7 News Melbourne asked Erica O’Donnell to do just that, you know, to spell her name, she takes the task just a bit too literally.

Scanlan posted this video on Twitter Tuesday, which shows her confusion: 

Scanlan tells the woman that in over a decade, he has never seen anyone spell out the words “first” and “last” before, making this a particularly hilarious, and somewhat embarrassing, blunder. 

Hey, we’ve all had embarrassing moments. They’re just not all on camera.

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