Crunch Report | Tesla’s Long List of Updated Updates – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Tesla’s long list of updated updates, Instacart agrees to settle class-action lawsuit and SB Drive pulls in $4.6 million. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images and Article from TechCrunch

Crunch Report | Amazon Buys Souq – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch  Amazon buys Souq, the “Amazon of the Middle East,” Apple acquires Workflow, Instagram blurs sensitive photos and adds two-factor authorization while Facebook rolls out mention alerts and reaction emoji and the latest […]

Crunch Report | Google Maps Launches Location Sharing with Others – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Google Maps launches a location-sharing feature, Coffee Meets Bagel has a new paid membership tier and AI expert Andrew Ng leaves Baidu. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images and Article […]

Crunch Report | Apple’s New Video Editing App – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Apple creates a new video editing app called Clips, large electronics are now banned from flights to the U.S. coming from 13 countries and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building full-size passenger pods. […]

Crunch Report | Uber’s President Leaves Company – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Jeff Jones, the president of Uber, leaves the company, Y Combinator launches a vertical for AI startups, according to Bloomberg, Apple assembles a team to work on new augmented reality device and […]

Crunch Report | Walmart Acquires Modcloth – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Apple investing $500 Million into R&D Centers in China, Walmart acquires Modcloth, and John Mannes reports to us about his trip at South by Southwest. All this on Crunch Report. Read More […]

Crunch Report | GoPro plans to cut 270 jobs – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch GoPro plans to cut 270 Jobs, Tesla looking to raise $1 billion for the Model 3, growth of the iMessage store is slowing down and the pricing of the Lucid Air electric […]

Crunch Report | DOJ Accuses Four People of 2014 Yahoo Hack – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch DOJ accuses four people of a 2014 Yahoo hack, Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft’s board of directors, a new process for visualizing chips and solving Uber’s navigation problem. All this on Crunch Report. […]

Crunch Report | Waze and Spotify Partner Up – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Roblox gets $92 million in new funding, Parker Conrad’s new company, Rippling and Waze and Spotify partner up to play music and navigate seamlessly. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images […]

Crunch Report | Oculus CTO Is Suing ZeniMax – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Bolt Threads creates a tie made from spiderwebs, Oculus’ CTO is suing ZeniMax for money never paid to him and Google has a new startup competition. All this on Crunch Report. Read […]

Crunch Report| Airbnb Raises $1 Billion – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Google’s Jamboard will cost $5,000 plus an annual management fee, Airbnb closes Series F to go over $1 billion, Google goes after Slack and Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are expecting their […]

Crunch Report | The VIPs of Tinder – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Tinder’s VIP version of its app, Google acquires Kaggle and Udacity launches a Robotics Nanodegree. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images and Article from TechCrunch

Crunch Report | So Hype for Hyperloop – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch We get first looks at the DevLoop being built out in the Nevada desert, Justin Kan launches Zero-F, a startup incubator, Goodyear’s tire concept can read the road and adapt and Bose […]

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Shared from TechCrunch More news about Jay Z’s new venture (Arrive), robots that fix their mistakes and Y Combinator launches its MOOC. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images and Article from TechCrunch

Crunch Report | NBCUniversal Invests $500 Million in Snap – TechCrunch

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Shared from TechCrunch Snap makes its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, NASA makes its software catalog public and one bitcoin becomes more valuable than one ounce of gold. All this on Crunch Report. […]