Holy Shit — More On Kate Beckinsale’s ‘Overzealous Fan’ Booted From Tampa Bay Comic-Con – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com This is horrifying. Kate Beckinsale was forced to postpone an appearance at Tampa Bay Comic-Con on Saturday because of what was at the time termed as an “overzealous fan” who had to […]

Kate Beckinsale Files Police Report About ‘Overzealous Fan’ Kicked Out Of Tampa Bay Comic-Con – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Tampa Bay’s Comic-Con is this weekend, and they were supposed to host Kate Beckinsale for an appearance and a Q&A — but that’s all been postponed due to an “overzealous fan.” According […]

Sean Spicer’s Post-White House Gig May Be Dancing With The Stars — No, Really! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com We hope this is just a sick little rumor… On Wednesday, it was reported that Donald Trump‘s former press secretary, Sean Spicer, is being courted by ABC to join the next installment […]

Donald Trump Drags Youngest Son Barron Into Russia Collusion Drama By Making THIS Distasteful Joke! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Donald Trump is unlikely to win Father of the Year in 2017. Why?? Well, mainly, because the president just dragged his 11-year-old son, Barron, into the Russia collusion drama. On Tuesday, the […]

Get Ready For Senator Kid Rock — Political Experts Are Saying He Could Actually Win… – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com What. The. Fuck. Kid Rock has been teasing a Senate seat run in his home state of Michigan, and while the jury is still out on whether he’s actually going to do […]

Sean Spicer Is Fucking PISSED At Saturday Night Live And Melissa McCarthy… – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! *takes deep breath* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sean Spicer is fucking PISSED, y’all! Related: Sean, You’re Fucking Spineless And A Joke The former White House press secretary went on Fox News on Friday night […]

Donald Trump Has Been Tweeting Like A Fucking Madman All Morning – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Serious question: how much longer does this guy have as President? How much longer does he even want to be President? Donald Trump has been tweeting like crazy all morning, spending literally […]

Rats Fall From Ceiling At Chipotle! And Customers Caught The Rodents On Camera! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Maybe the rats wanted to try their new desserts?? Earlier this week, several diners at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Dallas, Texas claimed they saw rodents fall from the restaurant’s ceiling where […]

Donald Trump’s Son, Son-In-Law, & Former Campaign Manager Will ALL Testify In Front Of The Senate About Russia Meeting – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Truth time!! On Wednesday, it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and POTUS’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort will all testify before the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Why?? Related: Trump […]

Donald Trump Voters Are INSANE! And This New Poll Proves It! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Wow. Just… yeah. If you were curious just how much Donald Trump‘s supporters had become brainwashed, Public Policy Polling has the answer. The week after Donald Trump Jr. himself released the email […]

T.I. Lashes Out At Rob Kardashian’s ‘Level Of Fuck Boy Shit’ — Whoa! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com The drama continues! T.I. has a few choice words for Rob Kardashian, who had previously lashed out at the rapper for an apparent threesome he had with Blac Chyna and his ex-wife […]

Donald Trump Goes On Twitter Rant, Says He Wants A ‘Cyber Security Unit’ With Vladimir Putin! WTF? – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com After another bizarre Twitter rant this morning, it really looks like Donald Trump is completely out of touch. This time, he revealed that not only did Russian President Vladimir Putin say there […]

Remember The Hot Felon? He Just Got Caught On Camera Kissing Topshop Heiress Chloe Green… But He’s Been Married For Eight Years… WTF?! – PerezHilton.com

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In A Fuck-Up For The Ages, The New York Mets Are Paying A Former Player More Than A Million Dollars Every Single July 1st All The Way Through 2035 – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Now THIS is the type of contract we can get behind! The New York Mets are struggling through the summer with a load of injuries and their fair share of off-field drama, […]

Donald Trump Can’t Stop Whining About Cable News — And He Doesn’t Know Shit About Toy Story – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com To stupidity… and beyond! Donald Trump keeps on showing his ass to the entire world, to the point where months after his inauguration, we can now confidently say it’s just NEVER going […]