Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough Is Officially DONE Being A Republican Thanks To Donald Trump! Watch! –

Shared from Joe Scarborough is fed up with the GOP kissing Donald Trump‘s pruny ass! So much, he’s vowed to leave the Republican party and become an Independent! Appearing alongside Morning Joe cohost and […]

Donald Trump Can’t Stop Whining About Cable News — And He Doesn’t Know Shit About Toy Story –

Shared from To stupidity… and beyond! Donald Trump keeps on showing his ass to the entire world, to the point where months after his inauguration, we can now confidently say it’s just NEVER going […]

Cyber-Bullying Fighter Melania Trump Fully Supports Donald Tweeting About Mika Brzezinski’s ‘Low IQ’ & ‘Bleeding Face-Lift’ –

Shared from Y’all need any more evidence Melania Trump is 100% in Donald Trump‘s corner?? People sometimes paint the President’s third wife as some kind of princess being held prisoner by an ogre, but […]

J.K. Rowling Had The Perfect Retort To Trump’s Gross Tweet — Straight From Abraham Lincoln! See More Of The Best Responses HERE! –

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Talk Shows Mercilessly Smack Down Donald Trump’s ‘Stupid Watergate’ Claims — Including One We Know POTUS Watches! –

Shared from Donald Trump crossed a line this weekend when he accused Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping his office at Trump Tower. OK, it’s like the 37th line he’s crossed, but still — it’s […]