This Is Seriously How Trump Defended Himself In A New Interview: ‘I’m President, And You’re Not’ –

Shared from “I’m president, and you’re not.” Yes, that’s really how Donald Trump ended an interview with Time magazine! On Thursday, the publication published the transcript from their Wednesday sit-down with POTUS about his […]

Christian Legal Group Uses Transgender Rights Arguments To Sue High School For Allowing Trans Student To Use Boy’s Locker Room –

Shared from What a shitty situation. A Pennsylvania lawsuit just flipped an argument used for transgender bathroom rights on its head to fight against the progressive movement. The suit, filed by a top religious […]

Former Anchor Suing Fox News For Sexual Harassment Says Network Is Now Spying On Her — But She’s Got A Bigger Bombshell! –

Shared from Has Fox News moved on from sexual harassment to regular harassment? That’s what Andrea Tantaros is alleging. Last August the anchor sued the network for an astounding $50 million, naming Bill O’Reilly […]

Ivanka Trump Sued By Rival Brand For ‘Unfair Competition’ Over Use Of The President To Advertise! –

Shared from Ivanka Trump may have gotten a boost among Donald Trump supporters after mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway went on national TV to tell people to buy her clothes. But her brand may ultimately suffer […]

RHONJ Star Kim DePaola’s Car Is At The Center Of A Double Murder Investigation In New Jersey –

Shared from This is pretty scary stuff. Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Kim DePaola‘s car is now the focal point of a double murder investigation in New Jersey, after cops found two badly […]

EXCLUSIVE! Ed Sheeran’s Cousin Denies Being In Trouble With The Police — Read His Side Of The Story HERE! –

Shared from Jethro Sheeran is sharing his side of the story. As we’ve told you, reports surfaced yesterday suggesting Ed Sheeran‘s cousin, AKA Alonestar, was in trouble with the cops after he allegedly sent […]

Mother Fights Off Playground Pervert Allegedly Trying To Rape Her 2-Year-Old Daughter! –

Shared from This is absolutely insane. A Missouri mother went into full beast mode to fight off a man who allegedly attempted to rape her daughter at a playground. William L. Bates Jr. (above) […]

Donald Trump’s Tax Accountant May Not Know Who Leaked That Tax Return But Points Out It WAS A ‘Client Copy’… –

Shared from It would be one way to get ahead of a scandal… Rachel Maddow‘s big reveal of Donald Trump‘s tax returns was a total bust — not only were they incomplete, they were […]

Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Being Revealed By Rachel Maddow NOW! –

Shared from Rachel Maddow has promised to release Donald Trump‘s tax returns on tonight’s show, airing NOW! Maddox says she received a portion of Trump’s federal 2005 tax returns from journalist and tax analyst […]

James Woods SUED For Accusing A Bernie Sanders Supporter Of Doing The Nazi Salute At A Trump Rally! –

Shared from It sucks to be James Woods right now. On Monday, it was revealed that the Hercules star is being sued for mistakenly identifying a Bernie Sanders supporter as the person who did […]