Bombshell Memo Says Donald Trump Asked Comey To Drop The Investigation Into Michael Flynn’s Ties To Russia! –

Shared from Holy shit. This is obstruction of justice. This HAS to be actionable, right? Not only did Donald Trump ask then FBI director James Comey if he was being investigated, not only did […]

Donald Trump Wants To Take Away Press Briefings Completely & Threatens Fired James Comey Over ‘Tapes’ In New Twitter Rant! –

Shared from You know what would be great for Donald Trump? If no one asked any more questions about anything. POTUS flexed his thumbs early Friday morning, telling his Twitter followers not to be […]

Kellyanne Conway Continues To Blindly Defend Donald Trump’s Actions Over James Comey’s Firing — And Anderson Cooper Responds With An EPIC Eyeroll –

Shared from Kellyanne Conway is in way over her head, and everyone knows it! On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump‘s counselor appeared on CNN to chat with Anderson Cooper about the President’s decision to fire […]