Whoa! Kim Kardashian Reveals She Might Undergo Surgery To Have Another Baby! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Kim Kardashian West is really determined to have a third child. The reality starlet revealed on an upcoming episode of KUWTK that she’s even willing to undergo surgery to make it happen. […]

Owlet updates its smart baby health monitoring sock so babies can’t kick it off – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Owlet, a Utah-based startup monitoring your babies vitals, has a new and improved smart sock out today and we got a chance to catch up with the founders to talk about what […]

Paul Ryan Explains Why The Healthcare Bill Had To Be Pulled Ahead Of House Vote! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Paul Ryan came up short, you guys. On Friday, Donald Trump called for a House vote on the health bill, hoping there would be enough Republican support behind the half-baked replacement for […]

Donald Trump Asks Paul Ryan To Pull The Healthcare Bill MINUTES Before House Vote! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Here’s something we never thought we’d say: Donald Trump just pulled out! The President delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers this week, ordering the House of Representatives to vote on the GOP’s health […]

Dear Ivanka Trump, Where The Hell Are You? — Sincerely, Women Everywhere – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com While Ivanka Trump is off skiing in Aspen with her family, her father Donald Trump‘s health care bill — which would seriously limit women’s access to services like maternity care and would […]

Twitter Is HIGHlariously Trolling Donald Trump For An Old Tweet Where He Basically Predicted The Future Of Healthcare! – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Wow, Donald Trump actually can predict the future!! With the House of Representatives voting on POTUS’ highly controversial “Trumpcare” healthcare plan set for Thursday, it turns out a tweet he sent out […]

Richards Simmons Is Laughing Off Rumors As Those Closest To Him Say He’s ‘Fine’ – PerezHilton.com

Shared from PerezHilton.com Nothing to see here, people!! Amid speculation about Richard Simmons‘ health and previous rumors he was kidnapped and being held hostage by his housekeeper, those closest to the health guru are saying […]

Elvie pulls in $6M Series A to build a global female health tech brand – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch The UK startup behind a connected kegel exerciser called Elvie is today announcing a $6 million Series A round led by European VC firm Octopus Ventures. Female focused VC AllBright is also joining the round, which […]

The Mednet launches its ‘Quora for cancer,’ an online medical knowledge base – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch A New York City startup called The Mednet today launched a platform that gives physicians a knowledge-sharing tool that’s as easy to use as Quora, but provides them with expert answers about the latest […]