Google’s Amazon Echo competitor and wifi router launching in UK on April 6 – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Google has announced that its Google Home connected speaker will launch in the UK on April 6, along with the Google Wifi router. The Google Home connected speaker, which started shipping in the US […]

Google is fighting with Symantec over encrypting the internet – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Google, which has accused Symantec and its partners of misissuing tens of thousands of certificates for encrypted web connections, quietly announced Thursday that it’s downgrading the level and length of trust Chrome will […]

Social media firms facing fresh political pressure after London terror attack – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Yesterday UK government ministers once again called for social media companies to do more to combat terrorism. “There should be no place for terrorists to hide,” said Home Secretary Amber Rudd, speaking on […]