Paul Ryan Explains Why The Healthcare Bill Had To Be Pulled Ahead Of House Vote! –

Shared from Paul Ryan came up short, you guys. On Friday, Donald Trump called for a House vote on the health bill, hoping there would be enough Republican support behind the half-baked replacement for […]

Donald Trump Asks Paul Ryan To Pull The Healthcare Bill MINUTES Before House Vote! –

Shared from Here’s something we never thought we’d say: Donald Trump just pulled out! The President delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers this week, ordering the House of Representatives to vote on the GOP’s health […]

Dear Ivanka Trump, Where The Hell Are You? — Sincerely, Women Everywhere –

Shared from While Ivanka Trump is off skiing in Aspen with her family, her father Donald Trump‘s health care bill — which would seriously limit women’s access to services like maternity care and would […]

Twitter Is HIGHlariously Trolling Donald Trump For An Old Tweet Where He Basically Predicted The Future Of Healthcare! –

Shared from Wow, Donald Trump actually can predict the future!! With the House of Representatives voting on POTUS’ highly controversial “Trumpcare” healthcare plan set for Thursday, it turns out a tweet he sent out […]