Digital Ocean and Cloudflare ditch neo-Nazi client, The Daily Stormer – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Following the violent far right demonstrations in Charlottesville at the weekend, another two web services companies have terminated their business relationships with the Nazi propaganda website, The Daily Stormer. The Daily Stormer, […]

After Charlottesville, more web service providers ditch The Daily Stormer for TOS violations – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch The Daily Stormer, a U.S. white supremacist website which self-bills as “The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website” and includes a discussion board on “Nazi lifestyle”, currently appears to be offline. The companies […]

Lambda School aims to cash in by upskilling untapped talent – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch As the saying goes, the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. Also not evenly distributed: Access to the expensive education typically needed to stand a chance of […]