Bill O’Reilly Says America’s ‘Hatred’ Killed Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes! –

Shared from Some would say Roger Ailes didn’t have much to live for after last year’s career-ending sexual harassment scandal. But Bill O’Reilly, fellow Fox News fallen angel, knows exactly who to blame for […]

Former Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Sues The Network AGAIN For Allegedly Spying On Her! –

Shared from Fox News might just be going through more scandals than our actual government right now. Former anchor Andrea Tantaros already sued the network for a shocking $50 million last year, naming Bill […]

Sarah Palin Will NOT Give A Straight Answer After Being Asked If She Ever Experienced Sexual Harassment At Fox News! –

Shared from Even Sarah Palin is outraged by the culture at Fox News amid the network’s sexual harassment scandal shakeup. The former Alaska Governor said the corporate culture at the cable news network “obviously […]

Celebs & The Rest Of Twitter React To Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Departure! –

Shared from Good riddance! As you know, Bill O’Reilly‘s “vacation” from Fox News was permanently extended on Wednesday after a “thorough and careful review” of the many sexual harassment allegations surrounding him. Buh-bye!! Shortly […]

Alex Jones, Donald Trump’s Biggest Conspiracy Source, Tells Court He’s Just A ‘Performance Artist’ — And People Are PISSED! –

Shared from If you’re not familiar with Alex Jones, here’s a quick primer on the radio show host. His Internet news show, InfoWars, is largely responsible for propagating the conspiracy theories that the U.S. […]

Report: Bill O’Reilly’s Behavior Helped Push Megyn Kelly Away From Fox News –

Shared from Leave it to Bill O’Reilly to fuck up his entire network as his career swirls in the toilet. A new report out yesterday evening in the New York Times indicates that O’Reilly’s […]

The One Company That Stood By O’Reilly Has Now Pulled Out! Wait, HOW MANY Ads Ran On Thursday’s Episode?! –

Shared from The number of advertisers who have fled from Fox News over Bill O’Reilly‘s sexual harassment scandal continues to grow. Over 50 companies have now pulled their ads from The O’Reilly Factor — […]

Donald Trump Doesn’t Think Bill O’Reilly ‘Did Anything Wrong’ Following Sexual Harassment Scandal! –

Shared from Oh, you thought the leader of the free world would condemn sexual harassment? Think again! As we’ve reported, advertisers are running for the hills after it was revealed this weekend that Bill […]

Fox News Paid Out $13 Million To Get FIVE Women To Keep Quiet About Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly! –

Shared from This is a bombshell — and a HUGE blow against Bill O’Reilly‘s tenure at Fox News. The New York Times released a report on Saturday morning and even the title itself was […]

Former Anchor Suing Fox News For Sexual Harassment Says Network Is Now Spying On Her — But She’s Got A Bigger Bombshell! –

Shared from Has Fox News moved on from sexual harassment to regular harassment? That’s what Andrea Tantaros is alleging. Last August the anchor sued the network for an astounding $50 million, naming Bill O’Reilly […]