Imagining five retro technologies as startup pitches – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Silicon Valley is a bubble. Go into any SoMa coffee shop and you’ll hear founders and investors alike singing the praises of Hyperloop and flying cars — sci-fi tropes reincarnated by billionaires […]

Exploring Virtualities, a Utah VR arcade and theater startup taking over a dying mall – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Virtualities founder Ryan Burningham has a new idea for abandoned retail spaces — VR. VR theaters and arcades like Virtualities are starting to pop up in warehouses and other empty spaces around […]

Facebook is building a brain-computer interface – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Today Facebook will reveal its progress on creating brain-computer interface that could let people control augmented reality and virtual reality expereinces with their mind instead of a screen or controller. Facebook’s CEO […]