Crunch Report | Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Amazon debuts instant pickup to order and pick up your stuff within two minutes, Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits, Casper’s new mattress and Microsoft buys Cycle Computing. All this […]

Crunch Report | SpaceX Launches and Recovers another Rocket – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch SpaceX launches and recovers another rocket, GoDaddy tells Daily Stormer to find a new domain provider, Amazon refunds fake eclipse glasses and OpenAI bot beats masters of Dota 2. All this on […]

Crunch Report Intel Is Building Its Own Cars – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Intel is building its own cars, Disney owns 75% of BAMTech and Anker comes out with a $35 Echo Dot knock-off. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Images and Article from […]

Crunch Report | Jeff Bezos Becomes World’s Richest Person* – TechCrunch

Shared from TechCrunch Jeff Bezos becomes the richest man on earth, CEO of Kickstarter is looking to step down this year, Apple is discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and Nano and Cristiano Ronaldo is getting more […]